Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A little bit about what I do

Hi my name is Emma Peers (also known as The Mouse).  I am currently living in Queenstown, New Zealand but I am originally from Glasgow in Scotland.  I have previously been working as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer but I have now also discovered a passion for jewellery making.  I have been creating yummy little charms from polymer clay which I have been selling at Arts and Crafts Markets for 6 months now.  All this has given me the confidence I needed to launch my own online business, which resulted in Mouse Illustration.  I will be writing this blog for two reasons really......
1: It will keep me on track with my goals and help me to concentrate more on my efforts online. 2: It will be my own personal source of inspiration.  As we all know with so many online social platforms it is hard to keep up especially if you are like me and all you want to do is be working with your hands, be it either sketching or creating.  But this blog is my promise to myself that I can do both and enjoy it, and hopefully I will send out a little inpiration to my readers along the way.  Here are a few examples of what I do.  I hope you enjoy.

 Polymer Clay Licorice Allsorts Charm Bracelet

 Polymer Clay Licorice Allsort Inspired Bracelet

Polymer Clay Yummy Sweetie Bracelet

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Your capital Z (second line) seems to be working fine.