Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas

Orders have started coming in for Christmas so I just wanted to share with you what the favorites seem to be, and maybe give you some ideas along the way :-) 

It's hard work deciding what gifts to give, especially to those family members that you have just run out of ideas for!  Well for those book lovers how about a handmade bookmark?  With ten to chose from I'm sure you will find one that suits that certain someone perfectly!

My customers have also been loving my Licorice Delight Bracelet.  Seems to be a definite favorite at the moment, but how about treating someone to the Necklace and Bracelet set for Christmas.

Other Mouse Illustration products that are trending at the moment are my Charm Bracelets and Necklaces, along with my Cupcake Pendant Selection.

And of course the ever popular Love Bunny and my new Jewellery Range
And for those wine lovers in your life you can never go wrong with some wine charms!

Well I hope I have given you some fun ideas for Christmas.  Please remember that all my products are handmade with love and are available to purchase online from

Jingle bells Jingle bells............... :-)

Friday, 11 November 2011

All I have to say is..........


I don't know if I told you but I decided to go Vegan about 6 weeks ago....

As I live in the South Island of New Zealand I have to say I am struggling to satisfy my sweet tooth due to lack of Vegan products!  I can't find dairy free cooking chocolate anywhere so can't indulge in some chocolate chip muffins!!! I miss them :-( 

Needless to say I have been making treats from clay this week instead of eating them!

Hope you like my latest Doughnut Bracelet.  Was done for a bit of fun but I think it's pretty cute :-)

Market Day tomorrow so I'm having an early night tonight! Hoping for some sunshine please! :-)

Have a fun weekend everyone!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Business Cards have Finally Arrived!

So I have to admit that I was getting a little frustrated waiting on my new Business Cards to arrive, especially since I had run out of my last order and had none left.  I did order them from the UK and since I live in New Zealand I expected to have to wait a couple of weeks......but over three weeks was truly testing my patience.  However, they were most definitely worth the wait!

My friend over at Pink Pig Illustration introduced me to and I am very happy she did.  The paper quality and finish are better then I expected and I will definitely be using this company from now on (I just won't leave it till I have run out of cards next time). offers a great service especially for designers looking to showcase their work through their business cards.  You can upload up to 100 images for each print you can order 100 business cards and each one can be different! Amazing huh!  You keep the side with all your details the same for each card and the flip side can have a different design so I chose to have five designs for my batch.

They arrived in a great display box..........

They even give you a separate holder for you to store your cards............

The paper quality is fantastic almost feeling like a thin plastic and the amazing thing is they are guilt free!  The paper used for the cards is sourced from sustainable forests and the black holder is 100% recyclable and the structure is made from recycled pulp.  I feel better ordering from a company when I know the care about things like this.

Thanks Moo I'm a big fan :-)

Friday, 4 November 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.........


Sorry to bombard you with Christmas but you know you need to start thinking about it very soon.  I had a fantastic week with the Wine Tasting Store I am selling my products at placing a re-order of my Wine Charms because they have sold out!

They also asked me to design a special Christmas range for them so I thought I would give you a peek at what I came up with.............

Since I live in Queenstown and the shop caters for a lot of tourists I decided to make a Kiwiana range to keep things cohesive with my products already in store.

I hope you like them and I will let you know how they are selling.  They are also now available from my website along with my other Christmas Decorations. 

Happy Christmas Shopping :-)