Monday, 2 May 2011

Sombody's Darling

The Story of Somebody's Darling:

In the 19th Century The Central Otago gold rush days saw many men from all over the world flock to the area to stake their fame and fortune.  In the year 1864 a man called William Rigney was out for a stroll when he saw a dog wimpering over an object in the distance.  The object turned out to be the body of a young man who had drowned on the river while looking for gold.  Despite Williams efforts nobody came to claim the body of the young man so he himself took responsiblity for his funeral arrangements, as he was overcome with emotion for the poor boy.  William dug a grave and arranged a funeral to which the entire town attended.  He then made a headstone on which he engraved:
"Somebody's Darling Lies Buried Here"
It is said that the dog sat by Somebody's Darlings grave intil the day it died where it was then layed to rest in the same grave as its owner.

The New Story of Somebody's Darling:

Two local designers in Arrowtown New Zealand have recently opened up a gallery and retail space and have adopted the name Somebody's Darling.  Sarah Muntz and Holly Hargreaves have put together a delightful collection of work from local artists and you can also see the two artists themselves creating in the studio space.

I wish Sarah and Holly all the best in their new venture and you can find their details on their facebook page Somebody's Darling

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