Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Change of Opinion

I have a confession to make.  I used to walk past sellers at market stalls and think they were slightly crazy.  Standing outside all day freezing their butts off even getting rained on some days, I used to look at them when they were all fighting to get out their plastic covers to protect everything from the rain and think why don't you just go home?  I feel that I can say this now because now I am one of those crazy people standing out their freezing my butt off!  The difference is now I get it.  I now understand why they stand out there.  It's because they are proud of something that they made themselves and want to share it with people.  Sure there are those who just want to sell something to anyone who will give them a few dollars but most of the people I have met have a genuine love for what they are doing and want their product to go to a good home.

I have an example.  I was at my stall one Saturday when this gentleman came over and started asking me every possible question he could think of about my jewellery.  How long did it take, what it actually costs me to make it, how easy it was etc etc.  The problem was he had already made up his mind about the answers, he couldn't see the time and love that was spent making each charm.  I mean he wasn't being rude and was complimenting the way they looked but I could see that he just didn't 'get it'.  He was convinced I had a production line going that churned out 100 charms a day and thought that somehow they were all the same one sliced into different charms.  Its hard to explain it but I actually make each charm separately, and I really felt that he didn't understand the thought and time that goes into making in each one.  While this man was chatting, at me I will say, this lady came up with her friends and started admiring my work.  Without her knowing the conversation I had just had she picked up on of my bracelets and said how amazing it was that each charm on it was different and she couldn't believe how much work was involved in it!  The gentleman simply smiled and walked away. 

This is the reason I love going to the market every week because when you meet a customer that 'get's it' (and I must say that most of them do) then it is amazing to see their reaction.  Most people that walk up to my stall will have huge smile on their face and that's because of something I have made with my own hands.  So I will get up super early on Saturday morning and load up my car with tables and chairs and umbrella's and stands and I will go to the market in my thermals and freeze my butt off because I actually enjoy doing it.  For now I am one of the crazy people with my plastic wrap packed in case it rains but while I have a smile on my face and my customers have a smile on theirs, I am happy to be crazy for now.

I made some more goodies to replace some bracelets that were sold last week and I have to say I can't stop looking at them. To me they are delicious and I hope you like them to.

They are also available to purchase online at 

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