Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Little Mouse

Well readers..........a friend of mine who always calls me by my second name ('The Mouse') came to see my stall last weekend.  He was looking at my collection of animal bookmarks and said to me "Mouse?? Where is the Mouse??"  Erm Light Bulb!!  Why did I not think of that..........!

Well The Mouse is now and should always be part of my collection........ so here she is :-)

My little Mouse Bookmark will be available soon from my website alongside this little Owl which has been a great seller on my Market Day :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful and creative day :-)


The Duty's said...


jenna duty

Mouse Illustration said...

Thanks Jenna I always have fun creating them :-)

Nadya said...

Super cute additions to the bookmarks!!!! I love them all tho...(especially my lil piggy!!)