Friday, 5 August 2011

Inspiration Friday

I can't believe it's Friday already!

I have been looking forward to Inspiration Friday this week because it gave me another excuse to dribble over all the eye candy in the book that I will be showcasing :-)

I am sure a lot of you will know about this little gem of a design book already, but in case you don't here you go........

Print and Pattern features over 100 artists and with 750 full-colour Illustrations it is Extreme Eye-Candy for any designer!

Page Spread - Alice Burrows

Page Spread - Inkjet Designs

Print and Pattern is great on those days where you just need a little inspiration....I find it especially great for Colour Ideas.

Page Spread - The Strawberry Card Company

Page Spread - Absolute Zero Designs

Page Spread - Caroline Pratt

I found Print and Pattern through a great little website designed by Pink Pig Illustration called Best Design Books.  Mabel from Pink Pig has compiled a list of her favorite design books to make it easy for designers to browse, and purchase them from her site (connected to Amazon).  You can find Print and Pattern and Pink Pig Illustrations other book suggestions HERE.

I hope you have enjoyed having a little mini-browse through Print and Pattern.  I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves design.  There is just so much to look at plus you will be introduced to a whole list of designers that you may never have heard of otherwise.

Have a Fantastic Weekend x


Sarah Andreacchio said...

Very Lovely ! :)

Caro said...

Thanks for featuring my page! Glad you've been enjoying the book!

Mouse Illustration said...

Your designs are lovely Caroline and I love the book :-)

Mouse Illustration said...

Thanks Sarah, glad you enjoyed the preview :-)