Sunday, 14 August 2011

Logo Design

I am thinking about making a few changes to my catalogue and I was wondering if I could get some advice on colours from you all. 

I have designed a logo with a new font and was thinking about replacing the one I already have.  I would appreciate your thoughts on the new design......... and also which colour scheme you prefer from the four choices :-)

Original Design

This is my new concept

Which one do you prefer? :-)


Michael said...

I link the pink one. Also I'd make the logo more shorter.

I've done a mouse logo too. See it here

Mouse Illustration said...

Thanks Michael I appreciate your input :) Your mouse logo is great...thanks for sharing!

pinkpig said...

Love it! Paler pink was my immediate fav, but maybe the strong colours work better with your jewellery?
Anyway,re-design 100% better!

Mouse Illustration said...

Thank you Miss Pink Pig :-) I think I am drawn to the paler pink as well but wanted to get some reactions before I decided (your pink decision could have something to do with your name) :-)