Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The C Word........

Yup you guessed it Christmas! (If you were thinking of something else, shame on you)!

Sorry folks I hate to mention it but it will soon be upon us with only just over 8 weeks to go!

I have decided to get organised and get going with my Christmas Range. Last year I sold some Tree Decorations that seemed to sell quite well and I got a really positive response from them. Therefore, this year I have decided to carry on with the range and have added what I have so far to my website.

This set of four decorations can be bought individually so you can mix and match.  I will be adding more decorations to the Mouse Illustration website as I make them.  There will be a few Christmas Bookmarks and maybe even a set of Festive Wine Charms which would make a great Present for that special someone.

I must admit that I really enjoyed making the Christmas page of my website and I really need to get some Christmas Illustrations done as well!

I will keep you updated when I put more Christmas goodies up on the site but in the mean time start thinking about decorating your tree :-)

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